Bring in the experience and knowledge necessary to help you design, or prove secure, state-of-the-art cryptographic systems for new solutions. We've helped design and formally verify some of the world's most widely used cryptographic protocols.

Comprehensive cryptographic software audits.

Symbolic Software brings wide-ranging experience in cryptographic software audits. Whether you're writing an email client with end-to-end encryption, launching the next cryptocurrency wallet or designing the next authentication framework, we've got you covered.

We've helped produce comprehensive software audit reports for projects written in JavaScript, Go, Rust, Swift, Java, .NET and more. We've helped uncover critical vulnerabilities in PGP encryption within Mozilla Thunderbird. We've helped design more secure device pairing protocols for password managers such as RememBear. We've also worked on auditing and securing vital cryptocurrency technologies, such as MetaMask. Symbolic Software has also worked with the Linux Foundation to audit some of the most important COVID-19 contact tracing apps in Europe.

Research software for cryptography engineers.

Symbolic Software has produced research software for applied cryptographers and engineers that have resulted in peer-reviewed scientific publications:

Our clients and partners.

We're proud of our clients, and we especially cherish the partnerships that we've been able to establish along the way. We frequently collaborate with Cure53, one of the world's leading web security firms and continuously bring in insight from renowned contributors in applied cryptography. Here's what our partners have to say about us:

Symbolic Software has helped verify the cryptographic security of:

1Password BitWarden Concordium Dashlane Digify Ethereum Foundation ExpressVPN Linux Foundation MetaMask Mozilla NordVPN NYM Zoom

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