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At Symbolic Software, we're dedicated to fortifying software security with a focus on practical, real-world applications. Established in 2017 in Paris, we've delivered over 250 software audits and published peer-reviewed cryptographic research software. Our commitment to impactful results drives our work.

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Our Work

Guided by a focus on practical, real-world impact, Symbolic Software offers advanced security consulting and develops innovative cryptographic tools and software.

our expertise

Security & Privacy Consulting

Navigating the digital world calls for robust security solutions. We audit your internal security infrastructure and software code, enhancing global platforms through strengthened cryptographic components.

  • Comprehensive audits of cryptographic protocols and routines.
  • Experience with global collaboration tools, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Direct impact on enhancing security in the digital ecosystem.
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our innovations

Software Tools for Cryptographers

We foster innovation through tools like Verifpal® and Noise Explorer that enhance the work of applied cryptographers and engineers.

  • Verifpal®: an advanced formal modeling tool for students and professionals.
  • Noise Explorer: a comprehensive platform for formal analysis and code generation.
  • Acknowledged in peer-reviewed scientific publications.
  • Real-world advancements for cryptography practitioners.
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our creations

Engaging Puzzle Games

Our creativity extends to challenging and entertaining puzzle games such as Dr. Kobushi's Labyrinthine Laboratory®.

  • Available on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam.
  • Lauded as “one of the toughest” and “one of the best puzzle games in years”.
  • “Do you like your puzzle games hard? How about 'PhD in cryptography' hard?” — IGN
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our distinction

Why Symbolic Software?

Symbolic Software was founded by Dr. Nadim Kobeissi in an effort to make applied cryptography insights more accessible to industry. Symbolic Software’s approach prioritizes intellectual honesty and real-world impact, which drives our innovative and effective solutions in security audits, cryptographic tools, and software design. Trust us to make a tangible difference in ensuring stronger real-world security.

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our customers

And what they're saying

“We have been working together with Symbolic Software as auditors for cryptographic software. They are reliable, precise, honest, thorough and think outside the box.”

“Symbolic Software is run by an accomplished researcher, with significant contributions in the area of applied cryptography. They are therefore the right team for projects that require rigorous design and engineering such as privacy-oriented web applications.”

“Symbolic Software are a delight to work with. Their reports are incredibly thorough and they maintain an excellent line of communication. We are grateful we got the opportunity to collaborate with someone of such high calibre.”

Mario Heiderich, Director, Cure53.

Jean-Philippe Aumasson. Chief Security Officer, Taurus Group.

Vishnu Mohandas, Founder,

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Choose Symbolic Software as your trusted partner in enhancing security and fostering integrity within the digital ecosystem.

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