Verifpal and Piccolo

This is Symbolic Software.

We make applied cryptography software.
(And also the most popular Othello software in Japan on macOS.)

Security and cryptographic audit services are on hold.

Symbolic Software was founded in 2017 and has since them participated in over 300 cryptographic and software audits.

We've helped uncover critical vulnerabilities in PGP encryption within Mozilla Thunderbird. We've helped design more secure device pairing protocols for password managers such as RememBear. We've also worked on auditing and securing vital cryptocurrency technologies, such as MetaMask.

Recently, we worked with the Linux Foundation to audit some of the most important COVID-19 contact tracing apps in Europe.

As of 2021, due to a surplus of booked work and planned projects, we are not accepting new clients for security and cryptographic auditing services.


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