Symbolic Software

Symbolic Software is a company focused on modern insight into applied cryptographic systems.


Symbolic Software provides modern insight into cryptographic systems with software and architecture audits. We also design new cryptographic systems and protocols for leading products. Our work employs automated formal verification technology so that we can mathematically justify the soundness of every conclusion we reach.

Software and Architecture Review

Is your software secure enough for the real world? Symbolic Software offers audits for your internal security infrastructure and software code including cryptographic protocols and routines. Whether you're running a banking transaction system, a secure messaging platform or a block chain-inspired startup, we can give you the confidence you need for your product to hit the ground running.

System and Protocol Design

You've got a great idea, but are you sure you've covered all of the security implications inherent to your design? Bring in the experience and knowledge necessary to help you design state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols for new solutions. No matter how different and innovative your project is, we can provide cryptographic constructions based on end-to-end encryption, certificate transparency, zero-knowledge proof systems and other modern techniques.

In-House Software Incubation

Founded in 2017, Symbolic Software is currently very young, very small, but growing fast. We currently incubate for innovative and useful software projects, to be released in the semi-distant future.

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