At Symbolic Software, we recently concluded an extensive audit of the Native Labs smart contracts. We’re excited to share our findings and offer our perspectives on the strengths and areas for improvement.

Native Labs offers a decentralized exchange system that focuses on operational efficiency, code quality, interoperability, on-chain and off-chain transactions, liquidity models, and user experience. Our evaluations aimed to present a holistic view of the smart contracts’ functionality, efficiency, and usability.

Audit Methodology and Focus Areas

Our audit covered the following aspects:

Key Findings and Recommendations

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Our comprehensive audit reveals that the Native Labs smart contracts are developed meticulously with a clear focus on user experience, performance, and security. While there are areas for improvement, the overarching impression is positive. These insights should provide users and stakeholders with a more profound understanding of the platform’s integrity and reliability.

To dive deeper into our analysis and findings, you can download the full audit report.

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