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Noise Embedded: state-of-the-art, tailored secure cryptographic protocol deployments on embedded devices.

In 2018, Symbolic Software introduced Noise Explorer, an unprecedented online engine for designing, formally verifying and securely implementing any secure communication protocol within the Noise Protocol Framework1. Now, Symbolic Software introduces Noise Embedded: automatically generated, tailored embedded implementations of any Noise protocol, for IoT.
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Design a protocol for any IoT use case. Including yours.

You've got a embedded device use case and want to design your own secure protocol to match it. Using Noise Explorer, you can easily shop for a protocol with security guarantees that are appropriate for your use case and even test it out in the wild thanks to automatic implementation generation in Rust and Go. After you've settled on a protocol, Noise Embedded can immediately make it a reality for your embedded devices, including popular Cortex M0, M1 and M3 packages.

Formally verified from the ground up.

Noise Embedded is the first to use the High Assurance Cryptography Library (HACL*) developed at INRIA Paris on embedded devices. HACL* provides functional correctness and side channel resistance for state-of-the-art cryptographic primitives such as ChaChaPoly1305, Curve25519 and BLAKE2s. And the Noise Handshake Patterns that are provided by Noise Embedded are themselves also formally verified at the protocol level using Noise Explorer. The result: cryptographic protocol firmware with different formal verification guarantees from top to bottom.

Zero allocations for incredible embedded performance.

Whether you're using the K Handshake Pattern for a simple IoT device or the IKpsk2 Handshake Pattern for a more complex rollout involving sensitive communications, Noise Embedded guarantees blazing performance on modern embedded platforms. Even handshakes with multiple Curve25519 scalar multiplications finish in seconds, and transport messages are instantaneous. All of this happens with zero memory allocation of secrets for optimum performance as well as security.

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Noise Embedded is available for licensing today, and our team is ready to help you evaluate embedded Noise deployments for your IoT, automotive and other use cases.
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[1] While Noise Explorer is developed by Symbolic Software, the Noise Protocol Framework is not.